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Top Ten Whiteboard Sites: The Collection

Page history last edited by Keith Schoch 9 years, 7 months ago

Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are a tremendous tool for instruction, but any whiteboard is only as good as the teacher and the tools he/she uses. Top Ten SMART Board Sites features some of the best sites for accessing interactive applications, tools, and resources which will maximize your whiteboard use. You won't find yourself searching through dozens of dead links; these are the sites containing the most recent, popular resources for immediate use in the classroom.


While I've used many brands of IWBs, I am a committed SMARTBoard user. I'd recommend that hardware and software over any other, and I'd also highly recommend the SMART Sympodium, Senteo Response System, and the SMART Airliner (slate). These tools provide every possible option a teacher would need. That being said, the sites I've collected here will work fantastically on any interactive whiteboard on the market!


A sample resource from this site:


Teacher LED is a incredible site featuring totally original, professionally designed tools for use in the classroom. One of my favorites is the World Map, which not only moves about easily using the hand icon, but can also be marked using the virtual push pins.

The tools are web based and load quickly. The fact that they're web based make them perfect for linking from a teacher's page for student use at home. Activities are categorized by discipline, and some are quite sophisticated.

If you use any of these tools, be sure to revisit the site and provide some feedback via the comments section below each activity. 


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