Primary Games: The Collection

As teachers and parents of young students, you're too busy to spend hours scouring the Internet for appropriate and effective resources, so I've done it for you! At Primary Games you'll find some fantastic sites for your little learner, as well as a few for yourself. These sites are safe, fun, colorful, educational, and 100% free! Many can be used independently by children with just a minimum of introduction and guidance by an adult.


Sample resource from this site:


Fun Brain Playground is a fabulous site created for the PreK and Kindergarten crowd. My five-year old sat by herself at the computer for hours and played these games! (Trust me, once you see them, you won't think I'm such a horrible parent!).

Every character you see in the screenshot is actually a different game. Each game is easy enough to understand without any directions, and playable immediately with just a mouse! No reading involved!

I've used these games as a fun sponge activity when an extra minute or two was left in class, and students also played these games on the SMARTBoard when stuck indoors during inclement weather days.