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Interactive Reading Sites: The Collection

Page history last edited by Keith Schoch 8 years, 6 months ago

How can we use the power of the Internet to achieve our goals in reading instruction? Interactive Resources for Reading Comprehension answers that question by providing about a dozen sites which can be used with learners in grades 3 and up. The focus is on interactivity and immediate results!


Sample resource from the site:


Test Moz is a simple-to-create, simple-to-use, online assessment application. You can create interactive, self-checking quizzes in several formats (multiple choice, true/false, check boxes, and type in boxes). Detailed reports tell you who the took the test, how long it took them, which questions they answered correctly, and their overall percentage score.


In my own class, I typically use this tool to assess student understanding of a chapter assigned the night before. With every student on a computer, it's quick and easy. I also have a permanent, printable record of the test.

However, you can also use this assessment tool in conjunction with any online reading selection. Have students open the target reading selection in one window, and the Test Moz quiz in another. With the windows side by side, students can answer questions about the reading selection as they read. Need some reading or viewing materials? I like the author interviews at Reading Rocket, as well as many of the online news articles at Scholastic News. You can also learn about and access images from the NY Times photo prompt site. Or, simply search for a daily, student-friendly article (such as this one on the Attack on Pearl Harbor) and create a quick five question quiz for a warm-up.


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