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How to Teach a Novel: The Blog

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If you use novels in your classroom, you'll want to check out and subscribe to How to Teach a Novel, my frequently updated blog on the subject.


Teachers in grades 3 through 12 will find insights, articles, practical teaching resources, and recommended sites and books on the art and science of teaching the novel. Download activities, learn about professional communities and events, and keep on top of the latest trends and research.


Three Popular Posts Include:


Download these free resources now:


Click on the pdf below to get the newly revised 45 page version of the How to Teach a Novel Handout (includes helpful thumbnail images of all sites referenced). Give it time to load, and you may need to try downloading it a second time!



Too memory demanding? Try this stored online version: 

How to Teach a Novel: The Ten Steps (includes the popular "Universal Themes" list)


Movie Watching Guide

A generic study guide for taking notes on a movie version of a novel(pdf).


The Outsiders "Whom Would You Choose Chart"

A great fill-in chart and discussion starter for Chapters One and the beginning of Chapter Two of the novel. It accomplishes three goals at once: 1) requires students to truly differentiate between and understand the traits of all seven boys, 2) requires students to reread the chapter in order to supply supporting evidence for their choices, and 3) points out that the boys, while experiencing affiliation through their relationship with each other, are in truth individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses.


Below are the Word and pdf forms of Jeremy Glazer's reading activities.

Jeremy Glazer English Reading Activities (Word)

Jeremy Glazer English Reading Activities(pdf)


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