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Welcome to Teaching Reading and Language Arts!

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If you're looking looking for some sites and resources to inspire and aid you in your classroom instruction,

you've come to the right place!

Scroll down and click on any link below to start investigating.


Teach with Picture Books:

Using Picture Books for Instruction in Grades 3-8 

Free Resource:

"Teaching with Picture Books in the Middle Grades"

Workshop Handout


How to Teach a Novel:

I Always Wanted to Read this Site, So I Finally Had to Create It! 

Free Resources:

"How to Teach a Novel"

 Workshop Handout

(including the

Universal Themes list)

"Movie Study Guide"

"The Outsiders: Whom Would You Choose Chart"


Teaching That Sticks: 

Ideas, Inquiries, and Innovations for Progressive Teachers

Free Resource:

"Literary Devices Glossary"

Building Interactive Engagement with Texts 

If you’re a fan of the television drama Law and Order, you know that suspects are identified by determining motive and opportunity.

We can help students engage more effectively with texts by providing these same two variables!

Reading for Real: The Benefits of Silent Reading

Do you want your students to love reading? Allow them to read more.


We overcomplicate this. We ask students to read, but then we ply them with onerous reading logs or written responses that transform reading into a detested chore.


For over twenty years, I taught my students how to read well, but I'm ashamed to admit that I only occasionally inspired a lasting love of reading. Too few students went on to become voracious readers for me to claim success in this regard.


But that changed last year when I began to include sustained silent reading (SSR) in my classroom. For many years I followed the edict that independent reading was meant for home, and that it should be recorded in a draconian manner in a reading log. But after experiencing the headaches of these logs with my own daughters, I vowed to find a better way. 

Digital Dialogue:  Using Tech Tools to Launch a Love of Literacy

25+ awesome interactive and collaborative tools suitable for middle and high schoolers!

This is the companion site for the workshop that I've presented all over New Jersey.

It's constantly improving, and I would love to hear your suggestions.

Tech Tools for Assessment

Over 30 free, online tools for formative assessment in the classroom.

Each site is accompanied by an overview, sample applictaions for classroom use, plus simple scales indicating teacher time to investment and student learning curve.

Using Picture Books in ELL Classrooms

A separate wiki containing recommended resources for use with ELLs.

List of Picture Books Sorted by Focused Reading Skill 

Find books sorted by skills such as prediction, reading between the lines, writing strong beginnings, repetition, elaborating details, sequencing, and more.

Camp Source

A wiki containing resources for those involved in summer youth camping or youth work in general.


About the creator of this site:

Keith Schoch is a 6th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher in Bedminster, NJ.  

Contact him here.

Follow him on Twitter.

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Teachers, tutors, youth workers, and parents are welcome to use the contents of this site.

Give credit where due!


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